Dry Park



A 40-meter long ride of Dry Park slides. Get the breathtaking experience of sliding at high speed on the fiber slides designed specifically for the safety and the excitement of running through it on the special boards or special tires.


Another attraction in the Dry Park area, Obus is actually a name of an African traditional house. The tree houses built here are equipped with various excitements that will help improve your children’s motor skills. This is the perfect place for active children. Obus is free of charge. However, it is strongly advised that the parents supervise their children during their time playing in this area.

Gari Gari

The last one on the list, Gari-gari is a bumper-cars arena that is applying the latest technology. Feel the difference with the light and graphic shows that you’ve never seen anywhere else!

Ducky Dunks

A Dry Park attraction that allows you to ride your bumper boats and to fire the water canon to other bumper boats until everybody gets wet in this exciting water war!